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Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwoods Can Last Forever. Yes, everyone loves a rich, beautiful hardwood floor. And hardwoods truly can last forever if they are properly maintained. Other great news is that hardwood floors, when properly maintained, are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking.

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning
Your hardwood floors get dirty. Simply dust mopping and vacuuming a hardwood floor is the best regular maintenance you can do. However, over the years a deep down cleaning may be necessary to keep the floor looking it's best.

We have a hardwood cleaning process that works well on any hardwood floor that still has finish. We first dry mop the floor, then clean the floor with a micro-fiber bonnet attached to a rotary machine. Last, we'll polish the floor to help bring back the shine. This process will clean any type of hardwood floor, however if your floors have not been refinished in a long time, rifinishing or refurbishing may be necessary.

Dust-free Refurbishing Process
We have learned a refinishing process that is completely dust free, quick to accomplish and inexpensive. The process features Bridgepoint Wood Products. These fine products are designed to clean, repair and refinish wood floors to a spectacular appearance.

Qualified, Trained Technicians
In the hands of a trained technician the products will restore hardwood floors to their original beauty. Maintenance treatments every 1 - 3 years, depending on traffic levels and type of use, will keep wood floors looking great for the lifetime of the home.

Does the floor need to be completely refinished?
An easy way to tell is to drop a few drops of water on your floor. If the water does not bead up, you have little to no polyurethane left on your floor. You may be in the need of complete refinishing or our moderate level of refinishing called our "light sand and recoat". Besides the dull appearance, look for deep scratches, buckling of boards, gouges and separations between boards. Repairing such damage may require our full refinishing process. We will look over your floor and let you know before we begin. Whatever your floors needs are, we can help.

Step 1 - Visual inspection. We will join you in the inspection to be sure that we have found all damaged areas. Another purpose of the inspection is to determine if we can restore the appearance level with the Bridgepoint System or if a more aggressive restoration will be required, including sanding, staining and refinishing.

Step 2 - Damage repair. We will fill in the cracks, gouges and separations with Bridgepoint Wood Patch. If we don't have exactly the right color our technicians will mix colors to match. There is an extra charge for this service and some deep scratches may not be able to be cured with this system.

Step 3 - Complete cleaning and abrasion. This step will remove a loose and embedded soil. It will take off scuff marks and through mild abrasion will remove the surface layer of the old finish. This leaves your floor in the ideal condition for the new finish to be applied. This entire process is dust free.

Step 4 - Initial sealer coat of finish.

Step 5 - Final finish coat. You have your choice of Semi-gloss or Matte (satin) finish. Semi-gloss is used most of the time to bring back a shine to the floor. However, if your floor originally had a dull finish, you may choose the matte finish.

Did You Know?

If floors and furnishings are neglected, the finish can wear through causing loss of stain color and damage to the actual wood. This will require extensive restoration including complete sanding, staining and refinishing. This process is expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. It may even require you to move out of your home during the process.

Most wood floors can accept only two or three of the treatments full floor refinishings over a lifetime. The wood veneer can be sanded away and the floors will need to be replaced. It pays to maintain wood floors.

The Bridgepoint System is completely dust-free. You will not be cleaning up dust months later as is the case with the sanding process.

The Bridgepoint System is odorless, non-toxic and dries in about an hour. You can walk on the floor in your stockings at that time. Furniture may be moved back in four hours and rugs after 24 hours. Don't allow shoes on the floor for the first 24 hours. After that, the new finish is hardened and ready for normal use.

You now have a beautiful, durable finish that will protect, beautify and add years to the life of your hardwood floors.

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