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Pet traffic lane cleaning

A pet can bring great joy to a homeowner as can owning carpet as the flooring in your home. But sometimes pets and carpet do not mix in the instances of pets having accidents on your carpet. Combine this with the everyday wear and tear of foot traffic on carpet and you have what initially seems like complete disaster.

pet traffic lane before

pet traffic lane before

What can be done to solve this problem?

    The good news is the technicians at Premium Carpet Care are trained in various methods of spot removal and professional cleaning well suited for attempting to resolve issues like traffic lanes with pet urine in them.First they will utilize a heavy-duty commercial vacuum to remove all the dry soil present in the carpet. Then they will apply an all natural enzyme that will work to eat away at the urine present in the carpet. To aid in the breakup and removal of built up soil and grease in the traffic lane, an alkaline spotter is sprayed into the carpet and then agitated into the carpet with a carpet groomer.

Next an all natural neutral PH pre spray is sprayed into the carpet to help complete the emulsification of stains in the carpet. Finally the carpet is rinsed with 300 PSI of 180 degree Farenheit water and then extracted with the vacuum suction of the wand. These photos show our techniques at work on a client’s carpet with pet urine and traffic issues.

Is every company  suited to handle my cleaning needs?

Sadly the answer is no. Not every company cares enough about their clients to make sure they have trained and qualified technicians. Premium Carpet Care, however, puts our clients first and we do so by having our technicians trained by the IICRC. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification(IICRC) is the body that trains these technicians and this organization is considered the standard in the carpet cleaning industry for certification and training.

pet traffic lane after

pet traffic lane after

Foot traffic cleanup

Ever notice an unsightly dark area on the carpet  in front of your beloved recliner or couch? 

foot traffic before

foot traffic before


That is foot traffic from when you get up, sit down or otherwise move your feet on the carpet in front of the furniture. It can often be permanent as it is a sign of matting down of the carpet fiber and soil changing the dye of the carpet. Thankfully here at Premium Carpet Care we have a variety of methods to tackle the job of making traffic lanes and foot traffic look better than its previous worn state.

First we utilize a commercial vacuum cleaner to extract as much dry soil as possible. Then an all natural, neutral PH detergent is sprayed on the carpet to help emulsify soil, stains and dirt in the carpet and prepare it for extraction. In the case of the foot traffic area, a special alkaline spotter is sprayed into the carpet and then agitated with a carpet rake to help break up the traffic and prepare it for rinsing and extraction with the wand. Finally the area is rinsed with 180 degree Farenheit water at 300 PSI to suspend the stain so it can be extracted by the vacuum suction of the wand.

The resulting area looks startlingly different, remarkably cleaner than what the carpet had previously looked like. The client was thrilled that her carpet now was free of the ugliness that had previously been present in her carpet. As always her carpet had a 30 day no spots returning guarantee only available with Premium Carpet Care.

foot traffic after

foot traffic after

Polyester carpet cleanup

traffic lane before


Polyester is a material often used in our clothing but in some instances it forms the fibers of the carpet below our feet. With proper fabric protection and regular care it can prove to be one of the best choices a homeowner can make when choosing the right carpet for their home.


The Benefits of long-term carpet maintenance:

One client in the beautiful East Hill area had 15 year old polyester carpet that she got cleaned annually. She had tried many carpet cleaning companies in Pensacola unhappy with all of them except Premium Carpet Care. For about a decade she had been using us and in this article you shall see why.

Her precious poodle had developed bladder issues and the poor animal was unable to control its bladder. As a result the carpet was heavily soiled with a mixture of dirt, soil and dog urine. Due to the wooden sub floor below the carpet the water claw procedure was out of the question in regards of how to remedy the problems of this carpet. Instead cleaning technicians Richard and Roger sprayed an all natural enzyme on the pet stains to eat away at the urine while Richard brushed in an alkaline spotter to break up the traffic lanes of their soil and dirt. An all natural neutral pre spray was sprayed onto the carpet  to aid the other cleaning solutions during the enzymes dwell time of fifteen minutes.

Afterwards the carpet was rinsed with 300 PSI of 180 Degree Farenheit water and then vacuum extracted with the wand. The result amazed everyone from the client to the technicians cleaning the carpet. As a result the client was reminded why she chooses Premium Carpet Care and the technicians were reminded of the benefits of their hard work and knowledge.


traffic lane after

Berber Carpet Traffic Lane Cleanup

berber traffic lane before

berber traffic lane before


Many times a homeowner will choose berber carpet due to its cheap price thinking they are saving money. what they often don’t realize is their initial cheap investment will become rather expensive to maintain as the years go on. Thankfully at Premium Carpet Care we have a variety of methods to help cleanup berber carpet, specifically the traffic lanes it is so notorious for building up. In the case of one client in the Scenic Highway of Pensacola Florida he was leaving a rental home and needed the carpet looking top notch for his return of his security deposit from his landlord. He called Premium and Cleaning Technician Roger was sent to aid in his request.

Upon arriving at the scene Roger spotted the traffic lanes that concerned the client. He explained that everything in known carpet science would be done for these traffic lanes and the result would be much better looking than what was currently in the carpet. He would use a variety of methods starting with a thorough vacuuming of the carpet to remove and dry soil or debris present in the carpet. Then he would brush in an alkaline spotter to break up the built in soil and grease in the traffic lane. Afterwards a neutral pre spray would be sprayed to emulsify and suspend the remaining grease and soil which would then be rinsed by 300 PSI of 180 degree Fahrenheit water and vacuum extracted by the suction of the wand. The result was a carpet that not only wowed the client but appeared to be almost new from its previous form.



berber traffic lane after

berber traffic lane after

Traffic Lane Removal

Traffic lane mid breakup and extraction

Traffic lane mid breakup and extraction

Traffic lanes are a bane to many a homeowner as they not only are unsightly but are signs of damage being done to their carpet.  If this damage is allowed to continue without professional intervention it can often be permanent. Thankfully here at Premium Carpet Care our technicians have the tools and knowledge needed to properly clean traffic lanes.

One client in the ferry pass area had been trying her best to protect her carpet against the onslaught it had been bearing due to her two young boys occupying a small apartment with her. She vacuumed regularly but knew this would not be enough. She knew she needed professional help fast! So she called Premium Carpet Care and technicians Roger and Richard were sent out to her residence. Upon completing the pre-inspection their conclusion was this course of action: first they would thoroughly vacuum with their industrial grade vacuum cleaner, this would extract all the dry soil from the carpet and relax the fibers to prepare them for wet cleaning. Then they would spray a neutral detergent that would emulsify and suspend the stains and dirt in the carpet. Afterwards they would take an alkaline spotter and spray that into the traffic lanes and agitate them with a carpet rake. The agitation and alkaline spotter would breakup the dirt and stains composing the traffic lane. Next 300 PSI of 180 Degree Fahrenheit water would be rinsed into the carpet and extracted with the vacuum suction of the wand. In the above photo you can see the outcome of this process mid way as the lighter area on the left is where the wand has already cleaned up the traffic lane and the darker areas are the next places to be cleaned by the wand. The client was ecstatic at the results and the two technicians pleased to see her happy.

Pet Urine Removal with Water Claw

Pet Urine Stain

Pet Urine Stain

Carpets are lovely as are the dogs and cats in your family. Both make your home a more comfortable place to inhabit. Only dilemma is sometimes your pet and your carpet don’t get along so well. You view your carpet as a comfortable form of flooring while your pet sees it as a toilet. This forms a situation needing both prompt and proper action to fully fix. Thankfully Premium Carpet Care offers the service required to remove pet stains from carpet.

                A client in Gulf Breeze called Premium Carpet Care with severe pet stain problems in her Master Bedroom of her home. Cleaning Technician Roger arrived at the scene and upon completing his pre-inspection found the four worst stains to have actual urine still in them with his urine tool. He consulted with the client on the two options she had: 1) spray the stains with enzymes that would not guarantee a full removal of the stain but would be more economical or 2) water claw the stains which would guarantee the full removal of the urine from the carpet. She chose to water claw the four severe stains and enzyme the rest of the minor stains. Here is how Roger water clawed the four stains: First he sprayed an enzyme on the stain to sit for 15 minutes and eat away at the urine present in the carpet. Then he mixed a solution known as Odorcide which was used to flood the carpet down to the concrete below. This is what would remove the urine from the backing and would soak in the carpet for a minimum of 15 minutes (up to 30 in ultra severe cases of urine staining). He then used a tool known as a water claw to sub surface extract the Odorcide and urine from the carpet down to the concrete below. Afterwards he soaked the carpet with fresh water to rinse out any remaining odorcide from the carpet and extracted the water with the water claw. The client was thrilled with the results and was informed by Roger that the water clawed area would remain moist for two to three days and then be fully dried.

Enzyme Application

Enzyme Application


Odorcide Application

water claw extraction

water claw extraction

water claw extraction

water claw extraction

A/C Flood Restoration


An air conditioner is not only an enjoyable part of your home but a necessity in the hot, humid months of Pensacola’s summers. But like most things with a pro to their existence there is a con as well. In the case of an air conditioner this could range from a heightened power bill to a flooded carpet if an issue arises with the unit. That was just the case in a client’s home in the historic east hill neighborhood of Pensacola. Her A/C unit had flooded months before and created an ugly traffic lane with the possibility of mildew being present in the stain. This was a special situation in that when the stain was rewetted during the cleaning process it might reactivate any mildew that had been present in the stain.

To prevent this occurrence cleaning technician Roger utilized a moisture detector to determine if the stain had any remaining moisture in it. The test came back negative which meant the issue was not as serious as the client’s had thought. Still due to the nature of a flooding that occurred Roger used microban, a disinfectant, to remove any possibility of mold returning post cleaning in the carpet. He brushed in the microban with a carpet brush to help work it into the berber carpet fibers. A degreaser was brushed in also to remove any built up soil and grease in the carpets fiber.

The carpet was hydroforced with a traffic lane cleaner and then wet extracted via a wand. As part of an extra precaution against the stain returning an air mover was placed on the stain and a bonnet machine was used to both dry the stain and extract and soil or grease that had risen to the top of the stain during the previous points of the cleaning. The end result was a carpet that showed barely any sign of an air conditioning unit flooding on its surface and a very pleased client.

Premium Carpet Care Offers Free Cleaning to Realtors

Local carpet cleaning company in Pensacola, Florida is offering a free cleaning for Realtors who are selling distressed properties.

( — February 25, 2013) Pensacola, FL– Premium Carpet Care, a Pensacola based carpet cleaning company, is offering area Realtors $100 in free cleaning. This cleaning is to be used on distressed properties where homeowners can’t afford to make their home clean and ready for selling.

Anyone selling a home knows the need to prepare to make the home look in top condition. The problem is, many homeowners can’t afford to get the home ready to sell. The economy has taken a toll on home sales and the availability of funds. Many homeowners who are selling to downgrade into a smaller home can’t afford a professional cleaning service.

Flooring is one of the first things a potential buyer notices in a home. Ugly spots and stains leave an impression of a home being un-kept and therefore not as valuable in the eyes of a potential buyer. Even if the new buyer intends on getting new flooring installed, dirty carpet or tile makes a really bad first impression.

Additionally, carpets that have odor are a real problem. Psychologically, odors can instantly leave a bad impression. Many prospects won’t even consider purchasing a home with an odor problem. Even the slightest odors can turn off a potential buyer.

“This is one of the ways we want to give back to the community. It’s super important for a home to have clean floors. It can make or break a sale. And these days, some people don’t have the funds to get professional cleaning. So we thought we’d do something special to help Realtors be able to sell a property. Plus, we can show a Realtor what a difference our cleaning system can make,” said John Braun, Premium Carpet Care owner.

Premium Carpet Care offers carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, water damage restoration, and vinyl floor cleaning. The company services all of Pensacola, Cantonment, Milton, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Pace, Perdido Key and Molino, Florida. They have served the area for fifteen years and have a great reputation among Realtors and carpet retailers.

If you are a Realtor who would like information about this program or you are a homeowner wanting more information, contact Premium Carpet Care at their website or the contact information below.
1116 East Olive Road Pensacola, FL 32514

(850) 474-1133

Pensacola Company Is Giving Away Free Whole House Carpet Cleaning

This is our press release about our new contest for free cleaning…

( — February 19, 2013) Pensacola, FL — Premium Carpet Care, a locally-owned cleaning and restoration company, is holding a social media contest that will result in one entrant getting free carpet cleaning for their whole house.

The contest will start on February 18 and will last until March 15, 2013. To enter, contestants must “like” Premium Carpet’s Facebook profile which is linked the company’s website: under the “contest” icon.

“We have a lot of clients who have us clean in their homes year after year,” said Josh Stewart, general manager of Premium Carpet Care. “We’d like to give them the opportunity to get that same cleaning for free – simply by recommending us to their friends.”

Premium Carpet’s cleaning system includes a pre-vacuum to remove dust and dry soil, a pre-spay with natural cleaning agents to break up dirt and grease, and a hot water rinsing and extraction with a truck-mounted steam-cleaning machine. They also have 12 specialty spotters for tough stains like rust, make-up and chewing gum. To help the carpet dry faster, they use a high-powered floor fan or a cotton pad machine.

“We have a great cleaning system, but at the end of the day, people do business with those they know and trust,” said Stewart. “A lot of our business comes from happy clients telling their friends and family about us. You can’t buy advertising that good.”

Premium Carpet Care has been doing business in Pensacola and the surrounding area for 15 years. They offer carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, area rug restoration including wool and silk rugs, flood clean up, and water damage restoration. They guarantee their work with a 30-day complimentary follow-up if any problems arise, and they have a “If you’re not happy, it’s free” policy.

More information on the company and the contest is available at or by phone at 850-474-1133.

Cleaning upholstery – the efficient way

Upholstery Cleaning specialists in Pensacola

For wet cleaning furniture, first test an inconspicuous area with a spotter and a white towel to make sure no bleeding of the dye occurs. Then, using a gentle detergent (with a neutral ph) and a horse hair brush, coat and scrub the entire surface area to be cleaned, paying special attention to the areas having the highest amount of traffic like arm rests and head rests. Once you’re prepped and ready to go, here comes the efficient part: instead of using that little detail tool that can take forever to do one cushion, use your stair tool. You’ll cut your time by more than half. It will be slower and messier at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll do 90 percent of furniture with the larger tool. You’ll use less time and energy, your hourly profits will rise, and your love/hate relationship with furniture will lean more toward love.