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January and February Cleaning Specials

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Make a GREAT First Impression With Beautiful Carpet & Floors

Baby on the clean carpetIf your carpet and floors are sparkling clean, you’ll make a GREAT first time impression on your guests.  Ask any Realtor; they’ll tell you how important it is to have clean looking and odor-free carpet and floors.

Their eyes go right to the floor

What is the first thing you see when you walk in a building?  You have to look where you are walking, so your eyes go to the floor.  If your floor is dirty, your guests will have a bad impression that may be etched in their minds forever.

I walked into a major local retail store recently.  Without thinking too much about the carpet, I felt like the entire store was dirty.  The shelves were clean.  The clothes were beautiful.  The tile floors looked fine.  Even the employees looked professional and cheerful.  After looking around, trying to figure out why I felt it was so dirty, I realized the carpet had been neglected.  There were drink spills everywhere and dirty traffic lanes.  It was obvious the management didn’t put much stock in cleaning the carpet.

Another time, I talked with a different retail store manager who had filthy carpet.  The manager agreed the floors looked bad, but she couldn’t do anything about it.  Apparently, the carpet was just cleaned by a national company that is contracted to clean all the stores in the chain for a very cheap price.  Besides the spots that returned throughout the store, there were streaks in the carpet where the cleaning technician failed to overlap the dirty areas.  They got what they paid for.  But unfortunately they’ll pay dearly when customers think of their store poorly.

Add value to your home or office

We have several clients who are Realtors or in the real estate business.  Many times, simply calling us to clean the carpet or tile floor may add thousands of dollars of value to the house.  Our cleaning systems do much more than your average cleaning company.  We’re worth it.

Book early for holiday cleaning

You want to make a great first impression. We are usually booked 2 weeks in advance around the holidays.

$25 in FREE Tile, Vinyl Floor or Upholstery Cleaning

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Back to School Cleaning Specials

BacktoschoolblackboardwebYou’re gonna LOVE this whether or not you have kids!

The Kids are Back to School- You’ll Get These FREE Gifts and Clean Carpet, Upholstery, Rugs, and Tile.

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* FREE Edge Cleaning to remove dark lines at baseboards (up to $40 value)
* FREE 50 Square Feet of Tile and Grout or Vinyl Floor Cleaning (up to $50 value)
* FREE Area Rug Cleaned (up to 35 square feet and up to $52 value

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning

tile and grout cleaning in mid-cleaning

Tile is beautiful and resilient flooring that can last for decades if properly taken care of. As a homeowner calling professionals is not only a way of keeping your floor beautiful but also keeping it healthy in its long term life span.

The question often comes to which company should you call for servicing your tile and grout? You need a company that is both dependable and knowledgeable in their field.

Are background checks important?

You need a company that runs for background checks on its technicians and only hires the most pleasant and service oriented people as part of their staff. You want this company to have guarantees on their work and insurance should something go awry in your home.

Such a company would be Premium Carpet Care located in the beautiful Ferry Pass area of Pensacola’s North side. Premium not only meets the above criteria but goes above and beyond by insisting upon the highest quality possible with the outcome of their work.

One client in the scenic highway area wanted his tile and grout cleaned and had never had professional service performed on his tile and grout. He wasn’t aware of proper procedures of how to clean tile from a homeowner’s perspective and had been using only a mop to clean his floors.

The result was a nightmare for any homeowner: soiled grout and greasy, dirty tile. Thankfully when technicians Roger and Richard arrived they properly made the right prescription to remedying the issue at hand: using an alkaline spotter combined with grout brushes to scrub in each grout line and loosen the years of soil and grease imbedded in the tile.

They would then blast 900 PSI of 180 degree Fahrenheit water on the tile which would suspend and rinse the previously embedded grease and dirt and then extract it away with the vacuum of the truck mount on their van. As you can see in the photo the tile mid rinse and extract was already showing its true white grout underneath the black that had been there before.

The result was a thrilled client who understood both the need for professional cleaning and the best company to do the job.

Bath Tile


Tile is a resilient form of flooring for your bath that can be cleaned easily with regular at home maintenance. But sometimes when neglected, tile will end up with overly soiled grout and stained tiles needing professional remediation. That was just the case in a gulf breeze home where the client was unable to keep up with the soap scum and dirt accumulation in her tile.

The tile was small in its patterns and the area being cleaned was only about 50 square feet. Sounds easy you say? Not for this homeowner who had tried all manner of over the counter remedies to clean the black grout and dull tile in hopes of making it white and shiny once again. Thankfully she called Premium Carpet Care and upon technicians Richard and Roger arriving to the scene they knew exactly what would be needed to remediate this tile.

First they would do a test on the grout to see which type of cleaner would remediate the grout lines the best. They had a hypothesis that the acid based cleaner would work best, since it is a standard solution for soap scum and dirt residue in most bathrooms. Indeed their test results showed the acid cleaner being the winner. Thus began the scrubbing of the grout with brushes to remove away the black soiling revealing white grout underneath.

The tile was so soiled that technician Richard had to scrub CAM00162the grout once and then have Roger extract it with a 900 psi 180 degree water powered tool before having to scrub in the acid cleaner once again and extract once more with the tile tool. Due to the presence of a shower stall being cleaned, a special edge tool meant for tight corners and crannies was needed to remove dirtied grout in those affected areas. The end result was a tile that looked almost completely different from the previous dirtied tile. What was once dull tile and black grout lines were now sparkling tile and white grout lines. The client was ecstatic as now her tile almost looked new compared to its worn form previously.

Good, clean fun – Tile & grout


Our 5-step tile cleaning process can make tile & grout look new again. We start by testing a small area to see whether an alkaline or acid base cleaner will work best. Then, we apply the best cleaner to the surface area of the tile & grout. We vigorously scrub the tile and grout lines to loosen the dirt and grime. After scrubbing, we bring in an enclosed indoor pressure washing tool that uses high-pressure, hot water and powerful suction to rinse away and extract all the dirt and water. The last step is to dry the tile & grout with a turbo fan and towels. We also offer and highly recommend a top of the line grout sealer to protect your clean grout lines. The end result is beautiful, clean tile.