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New Year Cleaning


We’d love to say “Thank you” for your business in 2016.

When you book any cleaning in your home or office between January 1st and January 31st, you get two FREE gifts below.

That’s up to $102 in FREE cleaning gifts with any minimum cleaning appointment. Some restrictions may apply.

Choose Your TWO FREE Gifts:

FREE Gift: ONE small area rug cleaned–up to 35 square feet (up to $52 value).
FREE Gift: 50 Square Feet of Tile and Grout, or Vinyl Floor cleaning (up to $50 value).
FREE Gift: Car Mats Cleaned-limit 4 mats ($40 value)
FREE Gift: Edge Cleaning to remove dark lines at baseboards (up to $40 value)

Normal minimums apply. You must present this coupon at the time of cleaning and make your appointment right away! Appointments are limited and when all our appointment slots are gone for the next two weeks, we cannot take on any more appointments.

Give us a call now at 474-1133

Or visit our website at

John Braun

P.S. Give your friends this postcard, or call us to send them a FREE copy of this postcard, so they can take advantage of this special.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

End of Summer Cleaning Specials


Since it’s Summer’s end, we have a couple GREAT special offers you’ve love.

50% off Grout Sealer
Book any tile cleaning appointment and get 50% off grout sealer.  Not valid with other offers.  Normal minimum charges apply.
You must present this coupon at the time of cleaning and call before August 31, 2014.
Call 474-1133 now.

FREE Rug Pickup & Delivery
Book ANY in-home cleaning of at least $100 and get FREE pickup & delivery for rugs to be cleaned at our shop.  This is a $65 value.
You must present this coupon at the time of cleaning and call before August 31, 2014.
Call 474-1133 now.

Pet Urine Removal

cat urine removal

Cat urine before

Cats are curious and cuddly, a welcome addition to your family that provide enjoyment for the whole home. But everyone has accidents, including cats. For you as the homeowner this leaves you with a two-fold dilemma: A)how do you remove and remediate the cat stain and B)who do you call? The answer lies at 1116 E Olive Rd Pensacola Florida 32514: Premium Carpet Care. Here at Premium Carpet Care our technicians are specially trained in spot removal and remediation, including pet stains. By utilizing our service you can rest assured that you will be getting the best clean possible.

                One homeowner desired this course of action and called Premium Carpet Care. Cleaning technicians Richard and Roger were dispatched to the scene to remove the cat urine stains. When they got their the client showed them the cat urine stains and the cat remained hidden under the bed. Our furry friend had nothing to worry about though, because the procedures used to remove cat urine are 100% safe around animals and eco-friendly! The first step in the process was to vacuum the carpet and remove the top soil present in the fibers and relax the fibers for wet cleaning. Then an enzyme would be sprayed on the carpet. This enzyme is a bacteria that would eat away at the urine present in the carpet thereby safely removing it. The enzyme would be allowed to dwell on the carpet for 15 minutes and in that time a neutral detergent would be sprayed onto the carpet. This detergent would emulsify stains, soil and grease in the carpet and prepare the carpet for rinsing and extraction with the wand. After being rinsed and extracted the urine was removed from the carpet and the client was very happy with the results. She opted for a solvent based fabric protection to be applied that would not only protect the carpet from future pet stains but would seal the odor of any remaining urine from reemerging in the carpet.


cat urine removed

cat urine removed

Pet Stain Remediation

IMG_20140106_152449Pets are a joy to have in the home in that not only is they cute and cuddly but they provide companionship for their owners.  However if the pet has an accident that relationship can quickly become estranged due to a urine soaked carpet. One client in the Warrington area of Pensacola had this problem and called Premium Carpet Care to remediate the issue.

                When cleaning technicians Richard and Roger arrived, they noticed the main problem area during their pre-inspection and consulted the client on the two ways to remediate the situation. The first involved a process called the water-claw, a device that suctions odorize mixed water from the carpet sub-floor and effectively guarantees a full remediation of the urine issue. The second option was to spray enzymes which would actively work to eat away at the urine in the carpet. This option was more of mitigation and was not guaranteed, however it is more cost effective for those on a budget or looking to replace the carpet within some amount of time. In this instance the client choice route number two since she had intentions of replacing the carpet with all tile flooring.

                First the carpet was vacuumed to remove all dry soil present in the top fibers of the carpet. This also would relax the fibers and better prepare them for wet cleaning. The enzymes were applied next to give them their full 15 minute dwell time. Then a mild detergent was sprayed onto the carpet helping to emulsify the stain and prepare it for the 180 degree Fahrenheit water  of the wand. The wand water was then applied at 300 PSI and extracted with the vacuum of the wand. The result was a carpet absent the stain it previously had and a very happy client.IMG_20140106_152519(1)

Traffic Lane Remediation



Traffic lanes are a bother to any home owner as their unsightly appearance is not only a sign of a dirty home but of a neglected, possibly damaged carpet. Many people will resort to off the shelf remedies, low-powered rental carpet cleaning machines and internet remedies that plain just don’t remediate the situation. At best these methods will merely mitigate a serious problem. The best solution is to utilize professional equipment and personnel to do the job at hand.



Once client in the beautiful Cordova Mall Area of Pensacola Florida decided to take that route. His quaint 1940s home had accumulated rather unsightly traffic lanes composed of a mixture of top soil from outside and various foods and beverages that had been spilled in the carpet. Premium Carpet Care technicians Roger and David came to the scene to remediate the situation. The first step would be vacuuming the carpet with an industrial vacuum that would not only loosen and relax the carpet fibers but would remove the top soil built up into the carpet and traffic lanes. After the vacuuming an alkaline spotter would be agitated into the carpet with a carpet rake. The PH of the spotter combined with the agitation of the rake would help to further remove soil and grease buildup in the traffic lane. A hydro force pre spray of a neutral PH would then be sprayed to help emulsify the stain build up which would then be rinsed out by 300 PSI of 180 degree Fahrenheit water and extracted with the vacuum of the truck mounted cleaning system. Post extraction a bonneting procedure would be applied to the carpet where by a cotton bonnet would aggressively buffer the carpet via a machine called an orbiter. This would help finalize the removal of any residual soil or grease in the stain. The result was a happy client and a much cleaner carpet.

Gravy Remediation



Gravy is a staple of any holiday dinner. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, brown gravy or white peppered gravy, gravy will accentuate many a turkey on dinner tables across the land. However if that gravy were to spill onto the carpet below the table a homeowner can find themselves in a messy predicament. Thankfully help is merely a phone call away! A church in Pensacola ran into this exact problem when their congregation had a Thanksgiving feast. They called Premium Carpet Care and cleaning technician Roger answered the call to remediate the issue.



Upon completing his pre-inspection technician roger found the stain to be embedded into a commercial grade of carpet. This meant the carpet was one of short fiber length and meant for heavy foot traffic on a regular basis. Since the stain was only around one month old Roger knew it should readily remove with the help of an alkaline spotter. First he vacuumed the area containing the stain as this would loosen the fibers of the stain and relax them for eventual removal. Then he sprayed the stained area with the hydro force pre spray, a safe detergent that would begin emulsifying the stain out of the carpet fibers. After the pre spray had been applied roger brushed in the alkaline spotter with a carpet rake. The carpet rake would agitate the spotter in to the carpet’s fibers and make rinsing and extraction with the wand all the more easier. The wand was then applied and used to rinse the stain with 180 degree Fahrenheit water and then suck the water away with the vacuum of the truck mounted machine the wand was connected to. The result was the stain being completely gone from the carpet.

The building manager of the church witnessed the dramatic difference in the carpet and was highly pleased with the results.

Mop Water Remediation



A mop and its bucket can be a homeowner’s best friend for cleaning hard surfaces such as tile or vinyl. But if you have carpet adjoining the vinyl and were to spill the mop water on the carpet that former friend will quickly turn into a problem for you as a homeowner. How much of a problem is dependent on a variety of factors ranging from how much water to how long ago the water was spilled. If too much water is spilled and not extracted quickly enough a mold issue might arise in the carpet. Also certain hard floor spotters may damage a carpet if spilled on the carpet’s fibers.

The client who was concerned about her mop water stain said the stain occurred months ago leaving a combination of residue of the hard floor spotter and dirt from the vinyl floor in her carpet. The good news was no mold was present and cleaning technicians Roger and David would be able to remediate this stain fairly easily utilizing their knowledge of cleaning and remediation techniques. The first of these techniques would be raking in an alkaline spotter with a carpet rake. This would help break up the dirt in the stain and relax the carpet fibers. The second step would be applying a power pak detergent which would emulsify the stain and help lift it from the carpet fibers. Thirdly the stain would be blasted by the 300 PSI water of the wand at a hot 180 degrees Fahrenheit and then extracted with the wands vacuum.



The final step would be bonneting the stain with a machine called an orbiter. The orbiter uses a cotton pad to agitate and absorb any remaining moisture or soil in the stain. As a result of these techniques the stain was fully remediated and the client satisfied.

Upholstery Remediation

Upholstery is a staple in almost any home and besides the use it gets from people pets also enjoys its presence. The dilemma is sectional beforethat both parties can cause their fair share of wear and tear on upholstery, with pets causing a common issue of them rubbing against the side of furniture and leaving wear marks, dirt and hair. One client had this issue and called Premium Carpet Care to see what we could do to remediate the situation. Cleaning Technician Roger was sent to the scene to inspect and then choose what course of action to take to remove the unsightly mark from the sectional.

Once at the home Roger performed a bleed test on the sectional couch to determine if the dye would bleed and whether the couch could be wet cleaned or dry cleaner. Upon completing the test he found that the dye did not bleed and the wet cleaning procedure could be the chosen course of action. This was advantageous for a number of reasons: firstly the hot water extraction of this method would prove ideal for remediating the stained area over the dry cleaning method, secondly more aggressive cleaning spotters could be used and thirdly the suction of the machine would extract more dirt, hair and staining.

The first step in the cleaning was the application of a general pre-spotter with a spray bottle and a cotton towel. This pre-spotter was the same solution used in the bleed test thereby verifying to Roger that this was the safe spotter for use on this piece of upholstery. After being applied with the towel the spotter was extracted with a combination of 180 degree Fahrenheit water and vacuum of the truck mount. Then fabric protection was misted on per the request of the client. The stained area looked completely better and the client was very pleased.sectional after