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Removing Sour Milk Smells on Your Carpet

Have you ever enjoyed drinking a glass of cold milk in your home when suddenly you are not able to hold the glass properly or you accidentally tipped it over to cause a spill on your carpet? Milk spills are tough to handle and they can really be problematic for any homeowner.

Some carpet owners do their own cleaning and thus they will attempt to clean up the mess themselves. Sometimes though this may turn out differently as they could end up doing a poor job in cleaning the milk spill. While you are able to remove the milk stain or mark on your carpet, that is not the only important part of the job. If you don’t clean up and extract all of the milk spilled then you could very well face the problem of having sour milk smell on your carpet.

If you unfortunately have this problem at home, don’t sweat it too much. Sour milk smells can be removed as long as you follow the right steps. Here is what you will need to do to remove the nasty sour milk odor on your carpet.

Use Vinegar to Remove the Smell – There are actually two different ways that you can utilize vinegar to remove the sour milk smell. One method is for you to leave a bowl of vinegar in the area where the odor is coming from and allow it to counteract the bad smell from the sour milk. Another method is spraying the carpet directly with the vinegar and then extracting it using a wet/dry vac or a steam cleaner. Whichever method you decide to use, vinegar surely is one of the helpful kitchen ingredients in getting your carpet to smell fresh once again.

Sprinkle Ground Coffee on the Carpet – This is one technique that you may not think will work but it actually is pretty effective. All you would need to do in using ground coffee to remove the sour milk smell is to sprinkle fresh and unused coffee grounds onto the portion of the carpet where the smell is originating. Leave the coffee ground there for three to five hours and then afterward use your vacuum cleaner to suck it out. You will notice that the sour milk smell will be gone and the carpet is clean and odorless.

Sour milk odor should not be a cause of concern for homeowners anymore. Just remember the two techniques above and use them to get rid of the unpleasant smell on your carpet right away.